Growler & Gill is proud to announce the foundation of our very own Beer Studies University, or B.S.U. Much more than a beer tasting club, B.S.U. allows you to earn credits for the beers that you drink, as you complete your “higher education” in Beer Studies. B.S.U. offers 4 degree programs, in 1 course of study… DRINKING BEER!

 A.L. – Associate of Lagers – 15 Credits

B.A. – Bachelor of Ales – 21 Credits

M.D. – Master of Drafts – 18 Credits

PhD – Doctor of Beer Studies – 11 Credits

Enrolled students enjoy a $1 discount on all full-sized draft beers that qualify for a credit.  (Sorry… no shorty’s and not during Happy Hour)

Upon completion of each degree, enrolled students will receive a diploma, the respect of their beer drinking peers, and the opportunity to attend special B.S.U. tastings and events.

Bottled beers may be substituted for credit at the professor’s (bartender’s) discretion.  (Enrolled students are not charged on-premise consumption fees for bottled beers that earn them a credit)

Enrollment for classes has begun… at the bar!

      Course of Study will be tracked and maintained on your Beeriodic table at Growler & Gill