Just visiting Growler & Gill is an event, but we feature weekly and special events, too.
Monday – Live music most nights starting at 7 p.m.
Tuesday — Open Mic with Stefan 6-11 p.m.
Wednesday — Trivia with Mark & Peggy  7- 9 p.m.  Reservations recommended.
Thursday — Free beer tastings 6–9 p.m. Check out upcoming tastings on our calendar.
Happy Hour every weekday 4-6pm (Fri 3-6pm). $2 off pints and goblets, and wine!
Weekends— See below or visit our calendar for special tasting events, music events, Charity Bartender events and more.

Upcoming  Events:

Thurs 2/21 Stone Tasting 6-9pm

Sun 2/24 Meals on Wheels Guest Bartending Event 3-7PM

Thurs 2/28 Sloop Tasting 6-9pm

Thurs 3/7 Toppling Goliath Tasting 6-9pm

Full calendar of tastings and events: