Fest Review:  My wife and I have gone to at least 10 different fests in may east coast states, and this was probably the best we have gone to for a few reasons. Simple things like bottled water provided, separate mens and womens portajohns, alot of tables, and the fact it is not oversold are simple things that make it more enjoyable. The VIP experience was hands down worth every cent and more of the additional charge. Awesome food and plenty of it included, great service, indoors, and again, not oversold. The beers in VIP were super great which is why we are there. Growler and Gill standards were upkept at this event, and we will not miss this in the future!!

LHV Craft Beer Fest included in the top six beer fests in America by Guyism.com 

Top 6 Beer Fests

Interview on WCBS Newsradio 880 with Sean Adams (8/26/13)

Lower Hudson  Valley Craft Beer Fest Returns on Lohud (8/2/13)

Fall International Craft Beer Fest on The Patch (7/29/13)

Inaugural Lower Hudson Valley Craft Beer Festival – Spring 2013


Meet the Brewers: