Unique Craft Beer Experience: Hybrid Gastropub & Bottle Shoppe

"Great family-friendly and family-run business. Excellent craft beer selections and table fare. Always friendly service!"
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Growler & Gill Beer Blog

We made our Kickstarter Goal!!!

We raised over $12,000 in 30 days using the Kickstarter funding platform.  95 sponsors, mostly from the surrounding community,  donated between $10-1000 to help get our craft beer shoppe off the ground.  There were times when we thought were weren’t going to make our goal.  Then a friend we hadn’t seen in 20 years came through with a big donation and we felt like it was possible.  In the end, friends, family and the community believed in us and put us over the top.

We had some nice write ups in The Nanuet Patch , The Brew Club Beer Blog and Nyack News and Views which really helped our cause.  Many folks used facebook and Twitter to spread the word about us.

We know this is just the beginning and there are going to be many more ups and downs, but we are up to the challenge.  We hope you come along for the ride!!

Kickstart our Craft Beer Shoppe

We found a space for our craft beer shoppe!  Now we have to make it beer-ready.  In order to help fund all the work that has to happen to make our shoppe look the way we want it, we have turned to Kickstarter.  Kickstarter is a unique web site where startup businesses explain their concept and get funding in exchange for gifts and prizes provided after they open.  You can see a video of our space and find out more at:  Growler & Gill’s Kickstarter Page.  If you are a Craft Beer Lover or have friends who are, please share this page with your friends using the Facebook, Redditt and Tweet buttons below.  Cheers!!

A Beer Odyssey

Doreen and I have traveled extensively over the last couple of years visiting breweries, craft beer stores, bars and festivals.  We have met some awesome people, experienced some incredible beer and shared it all on The Tristate Beer Blog.  Unfortunately, what we have learned is that we HAVE to travel to experience these things.  There’s nothing like this close to home in the lower Hudson Valley.  So we had an idea: Why not open a place that has the best of all that we have seen in the craft beer world?  A place that serves fresh craft beer on tap, sells bottles of the best imported beer from around the world, and educates folks about what makes craft beer so special.  Basically we want to spread our enthusiasm and passion to our own home town.

We have embarked on this journey that I’ll call our “Beer Odyssey” and we would like you to come along for the trip.  Just like we’ve included our readers on our vacations and happy hours, we’d like you to experience what it is like to open a beer business. We will be documenting the process and describing the emotions as we experience them.

We have taken the first steps of creating a name and a logo for our business: Growler and Gill.  The growler part is pretty obvious in that we will be filling lots of growlers with tap beer to take home.  A gill is a British unit of measure equal to 4 ounces of beer.   We plan to have local breweries come in and pour sample gills for our friends and neighbors.  That way people can try many different types of craft beer and decide which best suits their palate.  We will also be teaming up with local food producers and restaurants to have food pairing classes.

I don’t know where this odyssey will take us, but it is sure to be interesting and exciting.  Stay tuned and enjoy the ride!  Please “Like” us at the Growler & Gill Facebook page, follow us on Twitter or sign up for  email updates on the right of this page to follow our progress.   You can also share our adventures with your friends by using the Facebook and “Tweet”  buttons below.